Internet rights, open access and public access

are interrelated and directly connected to labor and worker rights in the US and internationally. This forum focuses on what constitutes Internet rights, various proposals for open access and the history of public access both in the US and internationally. It will look at how labor and workers internationally are grappling with these issues and the use of the Internet by corporations and by workers organizing for their rights.
It will also focus on developments like the plan “Zero Rating” and free access proposals like plan controlled by Facebook that is being pushed outside the United States and regulatory rights. It looks at how this affects workers and labor communication globally including spying on workers and also their control and use of information they get by their users on the internet.
This was sponorsed by,, WorkWeek Radio Pacifica
Jeffry Omari, UCSC P.h.D On Internet Access In Brazil
Dorothy Kidd, USF Professor and Chair of the Media Studies Department
Steve Zeltzer,
Bruce Wolfe,
Chris Witteman, Lawyer and Public Consumer Internet Rights Advocate

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