LaborTech 2015

The Gig Economy –  Labor Communication, Media and the Smart Phone  –  Stanford University July 26, 2015


The development of communications technology has led to major changes in the production chain. Today through the internet, hundreds of millions of workers are now linked together. Tech workers and millions of other workers are now tethered to the internet 24 hours a day and every keystroke can now be watched by their employers or used as a powerful organizing and communication tool.
Apps are also being use to put workers in a temporary part time economy and change their conditions of work. Many are affected,  from taxi workers to call centers as well as healthcare workers and workers in every industry. The gig economy is one where more and more workers have no security and benefits.
Dorothy Kidd

LaborTech 2015 will look at how this new technology is being used on and by workers and how workers are using communication technology to organize and strengthen democratic rights.
It will also provide instruction on how to build labor channels that can get the stories out to workers and the public locally and internationally.

The introduction of technology into the workplace, the labor and human rights of all workers including the large number of immigrant workers in the tech industry is a prime focus of this conference.
LaborTech 2015 will look at these issues and how labor can address these issues here and internationally.

July 26 Sunday 9:00 – 6:00 PM (No one turned away for lack of fund) Stanford University-Stanford Lane History Corner, Stanford Building location: Building 200, Room 30 (subject to change – please check)Parking: Free in all the regular space on Sunday.


Introduction and Greetings
Todd Davies, Steve Zeltzer

First Panel
9:30 AM  How To Use Your Smart Phone And Apps in Organizing And Labor
John Parulis
10:15 AM New Tech, The Smart Phone, Apps And Workers Access & Power
John Han, Gail Glick,
11:00 AM Panel-The UBER “Share The Crumbs” Economy, Exploitation and Discrimination
Steve Hill, Ruth Silver-Taub

12:30 PM Lunch

1:30 PM Panel
International Communication And Building Channels Aps and Alternatives
Ali Ergun, Kavena Hambira,  Jack Linchuan Qui, Javier Codova
3:30 PM  Panel-Workers Using Social and Labor Media

Case Studies
Barbara Gertz, We Our Walmart Injured Workers Group
4:00 PM Democratic Labor And Communication Rights
Protecting Journalists and Whistleblowers and Secrecy
Bill Doran,
Steve Zeltzer, LaborTech

5:00 PM Workers Internationalism & Using Tech/Communication For Power
Proposals For Action
5:30 Conference Ends


Javier Codova, Todd Davies,  Bill Doran,  Ali Ergun,  Barbara Gertz,  Gail Glick,  Kaveno Hambira,  John Han,  Steve Hill, John Parulis,  Jack Linchuan Qiu,  Ruth Silver-Taub,  Steve Zeltzer

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